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It’s time to feel better. It’s time to move from feeling stuck to feeling deeply connected to yourself, your life, your work, and the people you care about. Maybe your home or apartment is not inspiring you. Maybe you feel the pain of a recent divorce or impending breakup. Maybe you find yourself repeating unhelpful patterns at work or in your personal relationships. Together, let’s get curious and uncover what matters the most to you and design the steps you can take to feel better at home, with others, and at work.

Your Intentional Life, Carrie Fitzgerald, Love and Relationship Coach

My Coaching Vision

To make secure attachment, intentional living, and conscious relationships the models for everyone, at home and at work.

My mission is to help people transform patterns that create pain and to feel connected to themselves and others. I help people discover what’s blocking them from a life they love and guide them to create the intentional life they truly want.

If you are someone who feels stuck or is facing a transition personally or professionally, and you are ready to look at your life through a curious lens, let’s work together to help you feel better, deepen your understanding of yourself, AND create new ways of living and relating.

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Carrie played a significant role in my journey to authenticity and consciously uncoupling from my husband of 18 years. She was warm, compassionate, never judgmental and helped me to own my own stuff in a way that empowered me to move forward. She helped me to see that I had been giving my power away for years and helped guide me to a place of regaining it and taking control of my life. I highly recommend Carrie and I’m so glad that I met her and went through this series with her! She brought the book to life!

Nicole, Age 42,  NYC

Carrie Fitzgerald Coaching

“Carrie is an incredibly gifted coach. She gently helped me to understand how I could find out what I truly needed and wanted out of my life. With Carrie’s guidance, I started to see patterns that were holding me back due to my attachment style. Slowly, my life and relationships started to change. Now I understand how my subconscious mind has been holding me back from being my most authentic self, and recognizing what I wanted. I am incredibly grateful for our coaching relationship. “

Bimali, Age 41, Arlington, VA


“I went through Carrie’s Conscious Uncoupling and I wasn’t even going through in active break up, I was struggling with my child’s father and his new girlfriend. I also new I wanted to welcome in a new Love at some point and new that this could help me learn from my break up. Let me tell you, I did not release just how impactful, supportive and healing this was going be. I had HUGE realizations and lovingly learned how I played my part in creating outcomes in relationships and from this I gained FREEDOM. I just really want to stress how profoundly supported I was by Carrie. She helped me make connections and shift my perspective with such love. Lastly and most importantly the book conscious uncoupling was a good guide but I know I found the deep insight and healing I needed with Carrie’s support and guidance. Truly life changing.”

Megan, Age 31, Boston

It’s Time to Feel Better.

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