About Me

Hi! I’m Carrie

Coach and Feng Shui Professional

Home. Heart. Energy

Those are the words that create our lives and have deeply formed mine. My life story is wrapped up in all three of them. From being the ninth of ten children in a busy family home, marrying at a young age, and raising two children for many years in a divorced family, I came to deeply ponder the connections of home, heart, and energy. The older I get, the deeper that wonder and understanding grow.

Prior to becoming a fulltime coach, I was employed as an advocate and lobbyist in Washington, DC for over a decade. There I developed expertise in health policy and working with Congress to pass laws based on those policies. From my position at a non-profit advocacy firm, I met with members of Congress and their staff, Administration officials across agencies including those working in the White House, the press and media, and policy experts from across the country. We worked together to get laws and regulations passed to help kids and their families. From my Midwestern roots, I came to thrive in Washington. I loved my job and the diverse and busy neighborhoods in the city.

I was born and raised in Michigan, then lived in Iowa for more than two decades where my children were raised, and in 2011, I moved to Washington, DC. Now, I’m returning to Iowa to be near family and friends.

As a lifelong advocate professionally and personally, I have experience speaking up and making space for other voices. I want to hear and elevate your voice. I support and care about people from all backgrounds and identities. I strive to be a Multicultural, LGBTQ, and anti-racist supporter.

My coaching and consulting certifications include:

Conscious Uncoupling Coach 

When my husband and I divorced decades ago, no one we knew used the phrases “personal integrity” or “living in alignment.” But we were determined to be civil, generous, even loving, and to minimize trauma to our children. And we mostly succeeded—even when my ex-husband remarried. That meant working another parent into the mix, which could have upset our hard-won dynamic and my own identity as my children’s mother. Though there were some difficult moments, I held onto the vision that we could co-parent in a healthy way, and that we could raise our kids to feel supported and loved.

Today, the practice of Conscious Uncoupling™ offers a clear path to personal integrity, living in alignment, and not repeating old patterns that have hurt you. I am thrilled to combine my training with my own experience to help others find their way. After training under Katherine Woodward Thomas, author, and creator of Conscious Uncoupling, I was certified as a Conscious Uncoupling Coach in April 2020.

 Modern Feng Shui Consultant

I attended the Tao of Dana’s School of Intention where I was trained and certified as a Modern Feng Shui Consultant under Dana Claudat in 2021. This instruction deepened my connection to space and energy and transformed how I live and construct my time and environment. I’ve created Modern Intentional Living Feng Shui consultations based on that training and ongoing learning. With infinite possibility, we will help you create the life and home that best reflects the true you and inspires you. Your home and office are living vision boards and we want yours to support you functionally while also inspiring your highest self.

Integrated Attachment Theory Coach

When it comes to what we are connected to, people, things, and places, attachment is what makes the connection feel good inside of us or makes us feel hurt or weakened by it. Through the Integrated Attachment Theory program, we will examine your patterns of attachment, determine your pain points, and help you recover and retrain your insecure attachment style. You CAN develop a secure attachment style with practice, curiosity, support, and your own ability. I’d love to help you get there. I trained under Thais Gibson at the Personal Development school in 2022.

It’s Time to Feel Better.

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