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It’s no secret that marriages and relationships are hard to maintain, almost half of US marriages will end in divorce this year. If you are ready to look at yourself and how you show up in relationships and the unhappy patterns you may be repeating, Integrated Attachment Theory Coaching is for you!

Through this coaching model, we will address problems you face in relationships that likely relate to your attachment style. Not sure what your attachment style is or what that means? That’s OK. We’ll figure it out – the label serves as information to help us uncover how it affects you by showing up in ways and patterns that keep you feeling upset, disappointed, unwanted, and frustrated.

We’ll discover your patterns and how you typically respond in relationships. From there we will work together to retrain your mind, including your subconscious, to respond in ways that will bring you more happiness and peace.

It may feel impossible. You may think, “This is just how I am! Relationships never work for me!” I’m happy to tell you that there are ways to help you reprogram your patterns and create deeper and more meaningful connections in your life.

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Take this quiz to determine your attachment style. Knowing your attachment style is the first step to creating more meaningful connections, feeling valued and developing more harmony in all of your relationships.

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