Feng Shui is a fantastic and, dare I say, vital ingredient when you’re moving through all kinds of transitions in life.  Whether you’re starting a new endeavor or moving to a new city, attracting new love or going through a breakup.  Every passageway we move through– whether it appears positive or less-than-positive on the surface–  is ultimately to make us stronger, brighter, wiser, and more ready to receive greatness. Breakups are often disarmingly difficult to navigate, but they, too, can open doors to the most epic love and growth.

Taking Back Your Power After a Divorce or Breakup – How Feng Shui Helps

How can a relationship coach and modern Feng Shui master combine all her knowledge to help you take back your power?  Start with your surroundings and see how things start to change!

Article originally published on the Tao of Dana website.

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