Over the course of the summer and fall of 2022, I earned my certification in Integrated Attachment Theory from the Personal Development School. This certification allows me to offer coaching that helps people move from insecure attachments toward a secure attachment. I offer a coaching package from 10-16 weeks for clients who are ready to discover how their attachment style affects them, are willing to look at the root cause of their beliefs and actions, and want to grow and create a new way of being.

Attachment Styles

Integrated Attachment Theory, created by Thais Gibson, looks at a client’s attachment style within these six areas:

  • Belief patterns and Core Wounds
  • Relationship Needs and Expectations
  • Emotional Patterns
  • Boundaries
  • Patterns of Communication
  • Coping Mechanisms and Behaviors

After my client answers a substantive questionnaire, I create a personalized program for them working through these six frames. We practice tools together and I teach tools my client can use in their daily lives as they move through the program. When we discover what they really want and why they don’t have it, we can look at their limiting belief about it.

The Best Part

One of my favorite parts of the Integrated Attachment Theory program is teaching clients how to reprogram their subconscious mind. Once they learn that their subconscious mind is running about 95% of their thoughts, beliefs, and actions and that they can learn to reprogram it, they get very curious about how to take the power back! Since our brain is capable of both neuroplasticity (creating new connections) and neurogenesis (creating new neurons), we have the amazing ability to change our pre-programmed beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and actions. Using specific tools to do this, I help clients change their often very negative subconscious programming, to living through the lens of their conscious brain with programming that supports them and what they want in life.

When a client struggles with a belief about themselves, a core wound, like I am bad or I am unlovable or I am a burden, it shows up all through their life. From their primary relationship to how they relate to friends and extended family as well as how they respond to colleagues and their boss. We start looking at how the opposite is true in the seven key areas of life – career, financial, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and in relationships.

Even if a client feels unlovable by a sibling, they may find they are dearly loved by their friends and cousins and spouse.

If a client feels like they are bad at their financial decisions, they may see that they are very good at their career choices and showing up as a good employee.

And if a client feels like a burden to their significant other due to a specific need, they may discover that they are dependable and needed in other aspects of that relationship and they are needed within their spiritual community.

Create a Happier Life

Throughout the 10-16 weeks, my clients make big discoveries about their inner selves, their external relationships, and their own relationship to boundaries. It’s astounding to see the growth and changes clients experience and how they can integrate those changes into their relationships, jobs, and how they see their future. I love the Integrated Attachment Theory program and how it offers people a chance to live an intentional, happier, and conscious life.