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Intentional Living and Modern Feng Shui

When we begin your consultation, my first questions will be, “What do you want and why do you think you don’t have it?”

Once you take the time to think about it, we’ll talk about your intentions – for your life and for your home. Everything is possible. There are no limits. Let’s go for it!

I studied under Dana Claudat at the School of Intention. This is how she describes the methods and tools she teaches:

“The more I studied, customized and applied Feng Shui to my home and life, the more I came to value the core principles of Feng Shui itself. The more I stripped away dogma, confusion, fear, and superstition and applied creative practices to the work I was doing, the more this Feng Shui practice became something epic. Feng Shui in the way that we do it here really does work. And, this Feng Shui is something you can absolutely use freely without worrying about ‘getting it wrong.’ There’s no judgement here, and the success stories are mind-blowing. I want you to live in a home that’s your personal sanctuary. I want you to live with infinite possibility, creative freedom and crystal-clear intention guiding you every single day.”

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We have many tools and practices to use, and we’ll find the ones that work for you. We’ll stay open receptive to ideas and creativity. I love helping clients feel better in their homes and their lives!

      • We’ll cover energy clearing to address blocks in your space. We’ll establish daily habits and changes in patterns to balance your energy.
      • We’ll discover your very own style. We’ll look at moving furniture to open and establish new space.
      • We’ll discover your favorite and best colors and style for your space. Maybe you’ll even make some art!
      • We’ll make sure your Elements are represented throughout your home.

With your Intentional Living/Modern Feng Shui Consultation you receive:

      • Floorplan review.
      • Customized Home Energy Clearing and Energy Clearing Routines.
      • Your Five Element Review and Balancing Plan.
      • Complete Home Recommendations for every room of your home
      • Your Zoom Recording of the Consultation and a comprehensive list of all resources and details we discuss.
      • And, access to follow up with any and all of your questions to help you to implement your Intentional Living plan.

My intention is for us to work together, for you to discover and share what you really want and what’s blocking you, and for us to create a home that inspires you and nourishes you!

I love these words by Thich Nhat Hanh, from a journal he kept as a young man, later published as “Fragrant Palm Leaves: Journals 1962-1966.”

“It’s funny how much our surroundings influence our emotions. Our joys and sorrows, likes and dislikes are colored by our environment so much that often we just let our surroundings dictate our course. We go along with “public” feelings until we no longer even know our own true aspirations. We become a stranger to ourselves, molded entirely by society… “

Together we will make your home one that nurtures, supports, and inspires you!

If you’re going through a break-up and moving into a new place, or your partner has moved out, we can combine the Modern Feng Shui Home consultation with Conscious Uncoupling! One package where we’ll get your home and energy into a place that supports you, and then we’ll transform how you relate to yourself, the world and others. Together we will move you into a new way of living in a home that you love!

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