Do you make intentions? Do you know what you desire during your days, weeks, years?

Setting an intention about what we want to happen in our lives can make all the difference. When we set an intention and remind ourselves of it frequently, we begin to live into it. We make choices to reach that intention, and our lives begin to change.

Here are some ideas about intention that I learned in the Tao of Dana School of Intention, where I received the Feng Shui certification. I love how Dana talks about intentions.

  • Intention is the engine for all change-making.
  • Intention is what gives your days direction.
  • Intention is an energetic choice: a choice of frequency.
  • Intention is when you decide what REALITY will look like to you out of all the infinite ways it can look.
  • Intention is what gives you the INSPIRATION behind creative action.
  • Everything you do is as potent as it is intentional.
    • The energy with which you do things is more important than what you do or how much you do.
    • The energy behind everything from a simple conversation or an email matters.
    • The energy you cook with matters.
    • The energy you clean with matters.
    • The energy you shower or bathe with matters.

The energy you do everything with all day long is creating your life. You can do much less and achieve far greater results in almost anything when you’re fully present and grounded in your intention.